• Matcha Discovery Set
  • Matcha Discovery Set

Matcha Discovery Set


The full ENSO Matcha experience.

Try our full range of matcha and discover what makes each one uniquely delicious, along with high-quality matcha accessories to guarantee the perfect cup of matcha every time.

Measure the ideal serving using our matcha spoon, and the full-hand bamboo whisk makes it easy to stir your matcha into a velvety smooth texture with just the right amount of foam. 

Each Set Contains:

  • 1x matcha serving spoon
  • 1x hand crafted bamboo whisk
  • 1x 30g Everyday grade matcha
  • 1x 30g Ceremonial grade matcha


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chris Jones

I'm working my way through the miriad of matcha brands out there with very mixed results.

This is up there with the best I've found and the two pack brings it to a competitive price. I still have some others I would like to try but Enso makes the shortlist for sure.

Lucy Loosemore

I'm 12 years old, my mum introduced me to this amazing product just a few days ago (with coconut milk and turmeric). I thought it wouldn't be nice since it was coloured green, but then BOOM! It is so nice that I want to drink it 24/7! YUMMY! Totally worth it, give it a 100/10 and helps me concentrate with my tests, feeling really confidently energised for the day, and I know it is all thanks to this amazing drink, a have to buy product

Sally Ainsworth
The best!

This Matcha is hands down the best matcha I have tried. I’ve tried a lot of different brands and never quite found the right one. This was recommended through a friend and now this is my 5th time rebuying. The packaging is so cool and the texture/ taste is perfect. I would love the option to buy a bigger tin in the future :) x

Erik Otterson
Love it!

Love the quality and the taste of these Matcha's. You can really see and smell the difference between the two, both have their place in my tea drinking experiences. Thank you.

Definitely recommend

I wasn't a fan of matcha at first because it was too bitter, but this is the first brand i've tried with no bitterness and I'm really enjoying it. Would definitely recommend it!