How to Brew Matcha

 Step 1

Place ½-1tsp of matcha in a bowl or large mug

 Step 2

Add enough hot – not boiling – water to make a smooth paste. Top up with 80ml more hot water.

 Step 3

Whisk or use a handheld milk frother to blend the matcha until you have the desired amount of foam.

 Step 4

If you’re making a latte, add your choice of hot milk. Then enjoy your matcha!


Brewing Tips – Make Your Perfect Matcha


  • You don’t need to froth your matcha. Froth makes matcha taste milder – it’s down to personal taste.


  • While using a chasen (bamboo whisk) is traditional, a handheld milk frother or blender also does the trick. Don’t have any of those? A spoon will work, but it won’t create as much froth.


  • When boiling water, turn the kettle off when small bubbles start to appear. Boiling water can burn the matcha and make it taste bitter.


  • Experiment with different amounts of matcha, water and froth to find the perfect balance for you.


  • Try adding extras like vanilla extract, cocoa powder, cinnamon and different milks to your matcha lattes – it’s delicious!


  • Dairy milk can limit your body’s absorption of the antioxidants in matcha. If drinking matcha for its health benefits, we recommend using non-dairy milk.


  • Not everybody falls in love at their first sip. It’s okay – the taste of matcha is quite unique! Our matcha has no bitterness, making it perfect for first-time drinkers.